10 Scientific Proven Tips to Lose Tummy Fat

These days, many people are facing a major issue with the extra tummy fat. And the major reason for that is our unhealthy diet and lack of exercise.
Losing belly fat is a common weight loss goal for most people who go to the Gym. Research shows that Tummy fat is very harmful as it leads to diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
We do a lot of tricks to losing fat but we something able to decrease it from the front side but side fat remains the same. So if you are also facing trouble with side fat and want to lose it then this article is for you. Here I am with some easy healthy diet changes that can help you to reduce the side fat. SO let’s check about medically proven tips to lose tummy fat.

Causes of Obesity  

1) Eating more calories than the body needs.
2) Decreased metabolic rate.
3) Disorders of thyroid or pituitary gland.
4) More time of meeting life.
5) Imbalance of hormones.

Tips to loose tummy fat
10 Scientific Proven Tips to Lose Tummy Fat 5

Tips to lose Tummy Fat

Here is Going to tell you about what you should do and what you shouldn’t. There are some research proven tips to lose tummy fat. So let’s know about them:

► Tip 1- Regular Exercise  

Exercise is an efficient technique to reduce fat. Aerobic exercises are beneficial. Aerobic exercise — like walking, running, and swimming — can lead to major reductions in abdominal fat. Lazy lifestyle leads to obesity. Therefore, activism is very important. Doing Exercise is the best thing you can do to live a healthy life and avoiding disease.

► Tip 2- Honey

Honey is very important for obesity prevention. Taking one teaspoon honey mixed with half teaspoon lemon juice in hot water will remove excess body fat. Also, It is advised to take it 3 times a day.

► Tip 3- Cabbage  

Leaf cabbage (cabbage) has fat reduction elements. This makes the body’s metabolism strong. In this process, fat is eliminated and it helps in obesity.

► Tip 4- Peppermint

Peppermint-Tips to loose tummy fat
10 Scientific Proven Tips to Lose Tummy Fat 6

Anti-obesity elements are found in peppermint. Taking a spoonful of mint juice mixed with 2 teaspoons of honey is beneficial.

► Tip 5- Tomato Juice  

Tomato Juice- tip to lose belly fat
10 Scientific Proven Tips to Lose Tummy Fat 7

Drink around 300 grams of tomato juice for atleast 2 months immediately after waking up in the morning. Its a great habit to reduces body fat.

► Tip 6- Carrot Juice  

Carrot juice is useful in reducing obesity. Take about 250 grams of carrot juice daily.

► Tip 7- Drink Plenty of Water

A study has concluded that water therapy is effective in solving the problem of obesity. After waking up in the morning, keep drinking 2 glasses of water every hour. Try to Drink at least 20 glasses of water throughout the day. By this, the extra or unwanted matter will come out of the body and the metabolic process (metabolism) will be accelerated, combustion of more calories and the body fat will be reduced. Also, If you drink 3 glasses of water per hour instead of 2 glasses, obesity will be reduced even faster.

► Tip 8- Eat Low-Calorie Food  

Use low-calorie foods. As far as you are not going to make a habit of eating fewer calories, the prevention of obesity will be a difficult task. Now I direct foods that contain negligible calories. Include more of these substances in your food  Lemon Jamfal (Guava) Grape Sevuffa Melon Berries Papaya Mango Orange Pineapple Tomato Watermelon Barre Strawberry

Vegetables that have little to no calories -Cabbage Fruits Cabbage Broccoli Onion Radish Spinach Turnip Aniseed Garlic

► Tip 9- Significant diet

  1. Use less salt, less sugar.
  2. Avoid foods rich in fat. The use of fried things increases fat. Vegetable ghee is harmful.
  3. Dried fruits (almonds, brackish, pistachios), flax seeds, olive oil have high fat. Their balanced use is helpful.
  4. Avoid consumption of alcohol.  
  5. Take ginger & lemon slices and boil both in water. Consumption of this mixture is very effective in losing tummy fat.
  6. Also, Eat fruits and vegetables daily.
  7. Avoid high carbohydrate items. Sugar, potatoes, and rice contain more carbohydrates. They increase fat.
  8.  Wheat soybean, gram flour mixed bread is more beneficial than only wheat flour bread.
  9. Yogasan has special importance in controlling the weight of the body. Do regular practice of Kapalabhati, Bhastrika.
  10. Do fast walking for half an hour in the morning. The best way to lose weight.

Tip 10- Some More tricks

  1. Include high fiber content in food. Green vegetables, fruits have more fiber. Also, Eat fruits with the peel. Do not remove the potato peel because Peels contain many nutrients.   
  2. Do not keep food items in a place where you are often seen. Otherwise, you will keep eating on the go. So If these foods will disappear from the eyes, then the body will think of eating only when it feels the need.   
  3. As soon as you wake up in the morning, start drinking a glass of cow milk. This is because of the protein supplement that will save you from a heavy breakfast.
  4. To reduce the size of the stomach and waist, after waking up in the morning or before going to bed at night, the upper part of the belly above the navel should be baked with ‘steam of steam’. So For this, put a spoon of parsley and a teaspoon of salt in water and keep it boiling. When the steam starts rising, then keep a mesh or sieve filtering it. Wet two small napkins or cloths in cold water, squeeze them and keep them folded one by one on the net or mesh above boiling water and put this on the stomach. Baking 10 minutes daily is enough. In a few days, the size of the stomach will start to decrease.”


So, That’s all about some amazing tips to lose tummy fat. I am sure that you will definitely follow these simple and easy tips which will definitely help you to reduce your belly fat in a short time. Pick some tips that work best for your lifestyle and say hello to your skinny jeans once more. Just make a habit to follow them every day. There is no shortcut for anything. So, Don’t believe on any cheat day and follow this every day. Set your goals and have a motivation for why you want to do it.

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