Diet & Nutrition

Diet and nutrition

A person’s diet is the total amount of food they eat, while nutrition is the process of using food for growth, metabolism, and repairing tissues.

Why diet and nutrition are important?

People with healthy eating patterns live longer and they have a lower risk of serious health problems such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity. For people with chronic diseases, healthy eating can help manage serious conditions of such diseases and prevent complications. The word ‘Diet’ comes from the Greek word “diaita,” which means “way of life.” But For many people, it means following a specific food plan to lose weight.

In general, nutrition is “the science of food; the nutrients and the substances therein; their action, interaction, and balance in relation to health and disease; and the process by which the organism (i.e. body) ingests, digest, absorbs, transports, utilizes, and excretes food substances.” The purpose of  diet is to consume foods that provide the six essential nutrients:

  • carbohydrates,
  • protein,
  • fat,
  • vitamins,
  • minerals, and
  • water.

Above all is the type of nutrition with healthy foods. Doing daily exercise is not enough to stay healthy. We need to take a proper diet and the proper value of nutrition too.

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