The Science behind Viral Sounds Yanny and Laurel

I am sure you know about a video clip that asks you to hear audio. The Yanny and Laurel. This illusion kid of sound first appeared on Reddit posted by RolandCamry and said word originated from and now across whole social media. Some of the people hear Yanny while some of them hear Laurel. Video claims that in case you hear Yanny then your ears are still younger and much active at the stage. But In case you hear Laurel, then your ear activity is getting older. So this Audio clip is dividing people into two teams. Team “Yanny” and Team “Laurel”. So Let’s know what is the science behind Yanny and Laurel.

What do you hear?

Have you heard the audio clip? If not the do hear it here. Watch out this video and know what you hear. To which team you belong: “Team Yanny or Team Laurel”

Source: CBS

Also, I was uploaded by Cloe Feldman on Twitter, it got views more than 20Millions

I have heard this audio clip many times and I heard Laurel initially. At that time I heard it 5 to 6 times and I heard Laurel only while my friends heard Yanny. So it confused me. Later the next day I heard it again after taking a bath and then I heard Yanny. Wow. I was surprised. You also do it. Listen to it now and note what you hear. later hear it again with something different like applying earphones, changing environment like an inside house or outside the house. Maybe you will also notice that you hear both words at different times. So what’s the science behind this illusion?

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The science behind Yanny and Laurel

There are many factors on which this illusion depends. One of them is hearing this at different frequencies. Generally, younger people are more efficient to hear higher frequencies and older people are more prominent to hear lower frequencies. So, The word Yanny is with higher frequency and Laurel is with lower frequency. Regardless of whether you hear Yanny or Laurel is to a limited extent because of the volume at which you see certain frequencies. So people are judging themselves with this illusion as if thy have younger ears or older ears.

Also, people have different sensitivities to hear different kinds of frequencies. The letters and sounds Y and L are comprised of different frequencies which are fundamentally the same as. They almost are the same but they are high and low.

Additionally, you need to consider the various ways individuals are listening to this – through cell phones, earphones, tablets, computers, tv, etc. It also depends on the quality of the audio clip.

Another factor is phycological. You will listen to what you want to listen to. Suppose if you hear a conversation going on that they hear Yanny then most likely you will hear Yanny. Same for Laurel as well. It happened with me as well.

And according to research, the chronicle of Laurel, that third reverberation is high for the L. It drops for the R and afterward it rises again for the L. The fascinating thing about the word Yanny is that the second recurrence that our vocal track produces follows nearly a similar way, as far as what it resembles spectrographically, as Laurel.


This illusion totally depends on the factors described above. Test hearing this on those different aspects and you will come to know. So, don’t worry if you hear Laurel. It’s completely a technical trap you can say. There is nothing wrong with you.

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