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Yogis secrets to Live Longer & Stronger-Let’s Find Here

How to live longer? If you want to live longer, then do yoga daily, don’t eat much, instead, eat less and see the change in your lifestyle. Just understand that it’s not about quantity, but it’s all about quality and it applies to every aspect of life. Let’s know more about how to live longer & stronger

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Yoga-Secret on how to live longer

Why Yogis live long lives

Yoga is not just about doing various asanas, but it’s about connecting spirituality with mind & body. A yogi can achieve anything in the world by dedicated and continuous practices of the limbs of yoga. Such a practitioner can even redo creation, as Sage Vishvamitra in Hindu Mythology, created another Indraloka (heaven) for low caste humans who wanted to go to heaven, making gods fearful of his strengths.

One’s journey to immortality begins with a strong body. Your body is the home you live in. Without a strong foundation, your house will crumble. Yogis dedicate themselves to clean & simple practices and routines that make them strong and ageless. They live long because they have built strong foundations for themselves. There are several other ways to live longer yogis used to adopt. Yogis have written long healthy life secrets in the books or taught the technique to their disciples.

Do these things to make lungs healthier and stronger

Eating less food to live longer

Another reason why yogis live to a hundred years is that they keep their life very simple. They eat sattvic foods which have for centuries been known to keep mind and body light and clean. they really understand Maya and its trapping and we new generation are unable to understand. We just want to be in our comfort zone, to relax, to tasty foods, and don’t want to do anything.

Living like a yogi is about becoming connected with vitality and health. It’s all about spending time under a tree, reading a book, breathing in as much fresh air as one can, being kind to other living beings, and with the art of giving- doing something for others without expecting the same from them.

Steps on How to live longer and stronger

  1. Simple practices and routines cn make us strong and ageless.
  2. Develop a spiritual practice, otherwise your yoga is meaningless.
  3. Eat less, eat local, eat sattvic and eat at noon, when your jarthra agni is at its peak.

These were few ways to live longer and stronger. Just motivate yourself to do basic yoga & unlock the secrets to living a long, healthy, and peaceful life. That’s how to live longer as a man or how to live longer as a women

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