How to lose more fat

If you want to lose more fat, more cardio is not the answer

Surprised?? Is it.
If you really think to lose more fat you have to do and more cardio exercise, then you are wrong here my friend.

Let me tell you how it will not work to lose more fat we have to do more cardio. We usually see some on the people in the gym who are absolutely fit in look wise. They are still doing cardio daily and just by seeing them we also start cardio and then after trying for 1 month 2 month 3months we don’t see results then we just start ignoring cardio exercise. Is that happened with you too?

Understand this:
We lose weight from exercising because activating our muscles requires energy. The more muscles or the more frequently we activate our muscles, The more energy we use and the easier it is to be in a caloric deficit to achieve weight loss.

Important note*

So it doesn’t matter if it’s cardio, sports, or weight lifting. Your goal should be to activate as many muscles as possible. let’s find the answer for how to lose more fat

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One more thing to notice here: our body adapts to the exercises you are doing on daily basis. As a result, we do not activate as many muscles or energy for the same repeated task or exercise over time.

It means that running the same distance not only feels easier, also you are not activating as much muscles or energy. You got habitual for that exercise and you are burning fat just equal to nothing.

So people have to spend a longer time to run longer distances in order to continue losing weight.

So the question here is hoe much more time can you afford? More and more cardio is not the answer.

Looking for the solution? here’s how to lose more fat

Resistance Training and Periodization.

Its because you are introducing different types of stress while changing it up periodically, your body and muscles don’t adapt as easily. And you can continue to activating more muscles nd burn more energy within the same amount of time.

Remember, I specifically said “to lose more fat” and not just weight.

By continuously activating more muscles, you are more likely to maintain your muscle mass assuming sufficient protein intake and have most of your weight loss from extra fat instead of muscle loss, which is necessary to allow you to eat more as you lose fat.

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