Can wearing a mask protect you from flu?

Does wearing a mask help prevent flu? Let’s find out

 During this present COVID-19 pandemic most of the people have this query on their minds. Do antiviral face masks protect you from viruses? Here I am going to tell you about if face mask can protect you from a virus or not. So let’s see- Does wearing a mask help prevent flu?

According to the guidelines, if you’re sick, you’ll be able to protect others from getting sick by wearing a mask. Similarly, if you’re around sick folks, you’ll be able to protect yourself from the virus by wearing masks. However, understand that these masks cannot guarantee 100%  protection from viral infections.

At the beginning of the 1900s, surgical masks, aka courtesy masks, grew to become fairly common for doctors to make use of within the working rooms. Their popularity was very high at the starting of  1918 in the course of the influenza pandemic that took the life of over 50 million folks over a course of three years.

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Around 100 years later, molecular methods proved that the surgical kind might supply robust safety in opposition to the flu. Aside from this, one other examination helped researchers counter the virus particles discovered floating across the sufferers contaminated with the flu virus.

What Researches says?

The researchers discovered that the surgical kind diminished the emission of massive viral droplets by 25 folds. However, these merchandises are much less efficient in the case of holding away tiny viral droplets that keep within the air for hours.

The surgical kind gives robust safety similar to respirators. Unlike the common masks, respirators are specifically designed units that may shield you from the flu. However, you’ll be able to use them as they’re designed to be used in hospitals solely.

According to Australian investigators, in the event, you wear surgical masks, your chance of catching a virus an infection goes down by a minimum of 60%. However, this assertion is legitimate solely if you’re in a house setting. When you’re outdoors, the safety stage drops considerably.

However, the issue is that almost all of individuals would not put on a masks correctly with a view to shield themselves. Moreover, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is skeptical about sporting these merchandise outdoors hospitals and different well being care services.

For now, there are not any suggestions for the usage of these masks for asymptomatic folks. And this contains even those that are extra vulnerable to issues. This assertion is revealed on the company web site.

So, what do you have to do? If you do not wish to place on any kind of masks, specialists counsel that you must stand a minimal of 6 ft away from an individual who’s already contaminated. This will enhance your possibilities of holding you’re protected in opposition to the infection. So, it is higher to face or sit a minimum of 6 ft away from the individual you’re speaking to.

Apart from this, you might wish to wash your arms extra ceaselessly. Your arms could transmit the virus to your body by means of your mouth, nostril, or eyes. So wash your hands carefully for around 20 seconds.


There are a variety of masks available in the market. Some masks can defend you for about 10 hours or some may be just 3 hours. Some are washable as well. In the pandemic, the N95 mask is very common. But if we see this COVID19, You can make a mask of any cloth which can cover your mouth and nose. 
There are also some safety measures to take while taking and taking off the mask from your mouth. Take off your mask by grabbing it from the side. Most people take it off by pulling it by the front side. You need to follow those steps.
So, That’s the information that you could observe with a view to discover out if you ought to put on a mask for defense in opposition to a viral infection. Make a habit of wearing a mask whenever you go outside. So, Does wearing a mask help prevent flu? The answer is Yes. It is a kind of precaution measure. It can not protect you fully but decrease the chances of getting exposed to the flu. I hope this helps.

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