Recipe of making veg biryani

Eid Biryani Recipes you can cook at home- But vegetarian only

Eid is a huge festival celebrated by Muslims across the world. But we remember Eid as a festival of making biryani. Biryani is the main attraction of this occasion. Generally, Biryani is made of Meat and rice but I am going to tell you about the vegetarian Biryani as I promote vegan products only. Eid occasion is incomplete without cooking biryani. So it is also referred to as Eid biryani. Here I am going to tell you about the method of How to make tasty Veg Biryani

Vegan Biryani

For Biryani lovers, missing up a single assortment would be no not exactly a bad feeling, especially when they can be effectively arranged at home with effectively accessible kitchen ingredients. While the essential surface of all Biryanis stays the same, their taste may generally shift because of the utilization of flavors and ingredients. Making this one-pot feast isn’t simple and one slip-up can totally demolish the dish.

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  1. Choosing the privileged variety of rice is the initial phase in making a decent biryani. The rice must be for quite some time grain and sweet-smelling.
  2. The amount of water is noteworthy as well or the Biryani would either get soft or would consume. The water must be twofold the measure of rice.
  3. Mace and Star-anise alongside kevra embodiment and saffron give that one of a kind fragrance to Biryani.
  4. The paneer ought not to be excessively hard or it will stay uncooked.
  5. It generally tastes best in Desi Ghee.
Making Paneer Biryani this EID. Credits: HomeCookingShow

Above is the video showing how you can make delicious biryani at your home. Just follow a few simple steps and Feel the taste. You can also use cauliflower, Beans, Potatoes, and sometimes Carrots and Peas for making Vegetables Biryani. So that’s all about the recipe of vegetarian biryani. DO try at home.

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