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How to Keep Yourself Away From Falling Sick | 10 Good Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle

Do you know any individual who doesn’t fall sick ever? Ever analyzed that Why people get sick of some diseases very easily like cold, diarrhea, headache or some infection. Have you ever imagine it? Why some people do not fall sick easily as we do. What is the secret behind it? SO I am here to tell you about the secrets of those healthy people. So, i am here with some tips by applying those in your daily life you achieve a healthy lifestyle and live life fully. Here are 10 daily habits for a healthy lifestyle.

10 Daily habits for a healthy lifestyle:

Nowadays, most people are busy in their daily life. Some are doing  job, some people are stressed because of their family and money problem. The ancient people used to be very strong and healthy. They rarely fall sick. They had a strong immunity & that’s because they use to eat natural healthy food and used to work a lot. Today’s people are fond of junk food. We easily fall sick as environment changes.

1. Some Do’s and Don’ts to stay Healthy

  • Avoid having Fruit juice, more ghee oil items or more sour items at night
  • Don’t consume Ghee, oily things immediately after eating, rather you can have them after one and a half hours.
  • Avoid Walking fast, immediately after the meal. You can go for a walk after resting for some time.
  • Do not drink water immediately after walking for a long time or after doing a workout
  • Do not sleep with wearing any cloth on the head or wearing socks on feet, even on cold days.
  • Avoid watching tv in Extremely high or low light. Also, avoid reading books on high or low light
  • Escape using very hot, very cold or any chilly masala
  • If you want to go out on a very sunny day, then make sure you wear a cap or a cloth on the head and wear eyeglasses in eyes.
  • Put cold water first if burnt by fire or any hot thing

2. Drink Enough Water daily

Daily habits for a healthy lifestyle

So how many glasses of water you need to drink. It depends upon the body to the body. You can calculate it by your body weight. For every 15Kgs of weight, drink 1 liter of water. So, If you are of 90Kgs, then you need 6 litres of water every day. Water also removes any kind of toxic material from your body.

3. Wash Hands Frequently

In daily life, we touch a lot of surfaces and we don’t know which one is infected. We skip washing hands many many times. We just ignore it in lazyness. Washing hands regularly is the bestest way to avoid any infection. Try to Wash you hands for at least 20 seconds properly. This is one of the most important daily habits for a healthy lifestyle.

4. Avoid Junk Food

You know very well about junk food. Why junk food is dangerous? Because it contains a lot of calories, much fat, and sugar with very less healthy nutrition value. It is low in fiber as well. It also increases human cholesterol. Research shows that Junk food leads to heart disease and diabetes which are some deadly disease.

5. Daily Exercise


Exercise is one of the most effective points on 10 daily habits for a healthy lifestyle

There is no need to explain why exercise is so important for our body and mental health. Doing Regular exercise is helpful in maintaining the cholesterol level. Daily exercise also impels our mind to produce more serotonin, dopamine, and also some other human growth hormones. If you do a job and you think you don’t have enough time to go to the gym then you can do some workout at home as well. At least 30 mins of exercise are enough. You can do any kind of exercise daily like jogging, Zumba, yoga, HIIT workout or aerobics also.

6. Get essential vaccination

The prevention is always a better option than a cure. So a vaccination produces antibodies of that particular disease. So don’t skip any vaccination is a advised to be taken for all people.

7. Do regular body checkups

Regular examination mean you can do a full-body test once in 8months to a year. Full body test is not so expensive and it gives you the estimation of each fundamental supplement in the body and furthermore gives the description of pretty much every significant piece of the body. On the off chance that you do ordinary tests, at that point you come to think about which part is low in worth and you can concentrate on that. You will get a basic suggestion from the specialist. You can do recuperate that effectively before it makes issues in wellbeing.

8. Get Enough Sleep

We usually ignore the importance of a healthy sleep in a daily healthy life. Not getting enough sleep can lead to several mental health-related diseases. Sleep is essential to develop infection-fighting antibodies. Enough sleep is helpful in the development of the body. Enough sleep is important to repair the body and make it ready for the next day. To maintain physical and mental balance, enough sleep is very very important.

9. Consume More Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an immunity booster. If strength of your immunity is good, then you are less inclined to disease.  It acts as an antioxidant that protects the human cells from the damage caused by free radicals.
Suppliments with Vitamin C are:  Sweet potato, broccoli, cauliflower, papaya, kiwi, orange juice, strawberries, and tomatoes. This one is my best part of daily habits for a healthy lifestyle.

10. Give up smoking and drinking alcohol

Avoid smoking is the most important thing in daily habit for a healthy lifestyle


Avoid smoking for a great and healthy life

Smoking and drinking are injurious for health. Smoking is associated with lung disease and alcohol is associated with liver disease. These habits are a kind of addiction to some people which is very difficult to avoid. Also, Alcohol and tobacco increase the risk of some kind of cancers.

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